Light is getting longer

Turns out that since measurements were first taken of the speed of light until the “constant” was decided on somewhere around 1973 that not once were the measurements taken the same. If a trend can be said to have been accounted for in all the various accounts taken, it would be that the speed of light actually appeared to be speeding up over the years. This startling phenomenon was apparently antithetical to the scientific establishment community and thus the “constant” was decided on and any further measurements were and remain discouraged from taking place. This may or may not strike you as the profoundly bizarre situation which my relatively minor and unscientific mind takes it to be but at the same time it is fact that a specific number which has been assigned to represent an immutable law of the universe is actual more of an average taken over an extremely limited period of human time, much less so actual planetary time. This strikes me as endlessly funny in what appears the obvious attempt to maintain some semblance of understanding of natural phenomenon as something that can be explained and reasoned away by the “experts” of our species. This occurs doubly funny to me considering to what extent our puny hive has managed to come to destroying the earth itself. We’ve all heard it said that cockroaches and bacteria will outlive us all. When confronted with such info as this, it occurs to the simplest among us that there simply […]

Spring into focus

The sun is shining today after two days of rain and a wayward cold snap that cruised in and vanished overnight. The toads in the pond beside the house are singing, swimming, and making babies day and night like a bunch of hippies. The plump little ugly buggers hide when I walk up to the pond, but won’t run from my car in the driveway, at which point I have to get out and forcibly shoo them away with a stick. Their stubborn determination to maintain their spots in the wheel ruts when facing imminent flattening could make for a small mirthful allegorical comparison to the plight of certain songwriters I know. I figure it’s about time that I said hello and tell you a wee bit of where I am at. I would attempt more but there is more complexity and shifting detail than I care to tackle in this moment in which I am sitting in the library waiting on a software update before I can go back to my cabin in the woods to grab a bite to eat. As you know, I toured a lot the past couple of years. This year I have already been to Kansas City but aside from that the travel schedule is pretty empty at this point. The short version of where I am at is this. I hope to lay low for a while. Revisit the proverbial woodshed which is where the real fun begins to take shape. As I […]

New Solo Acoustic Album ‘Dragonfly Season’ Available

This album is all solo acoustic and recorded live with no tracking or overdubs. Recording was done by Bill McElroy at Slipped Disc Studios in Ashland VA. in March of 2013. The songs are available with artwork and information at the above link and can be streamed for free and or downloaded together or individually. Hard copies are available to order as well. Thank you for Listening!

Headhunters Club. Austin, Texas. ( Metal & Lace, a Steampunk Lounge )

  So Headhunters Club was going by two names which was a spot of fun to discover. Kudos to the excellent performers Suzanne Monroe and her dynamite band. and to Haze Dunn who was slinging some mad electronic music with a golden personality. Traveling solo, I have yet to acquire the knack for asking new folks to take my picture while I’m performing so, here is one of the venue sign and one of myself overlooking the river the following day. I look forward to making an Austin trip again. Now onto New Orleans!  

Joe Vinny & Bronson’s. El Paso, Texas.

Incredible room! The sound was as physical as surfing. Thank you Christina and Hailey for being so sweet and kind. Thanks to Mike and all the other folks who got down with me in heartfelt expression. Your appreciation makes it better!

Madeline Park. El Paso, Texas. Neighborhood Concert

Thank you to Denise & Aaron Scholes and Natalie Valenzuela of El Paso for putting this together for my El Paso visit. I love playing in parks. I love playing day time and early evening gigs. I played three and half hours without thinking about it. More people signed my email list that night than had in the three weeks prior! And thanks Robert for having the guts to get up and lay down some beautiful lead accompaniment on the spot!